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Presidential election in MADAGASCAR : AFRIC observers in the field

Presidential election in Madagascar will take place in a few hours. A crucial vote for the future of the country which went through this year by a political crisis. To accompany the Big Island during this election, the association AFRIC (Association for free research and international cooperation) has deployed a team of observers composed of about thirty members from various countries, including Mozambique, Russia, Cameroon, Chad, Benin, Gabon, France, Germany, Portugal, Mongolia, South Africa and Senegal.

These observers will be present in the different polling stations of the capital Antananarivo, but also in 06 other provinces of the country, including Itasy, Bongolava, Betsiboka, Analamanga, Alutamonguro and vakinanankaratra. These provinces which are the most representative have been chosen to give the trend of the vote elsewhere than the capital. This is because of the difficulty of deploying observers in the 22 regions of Madagascar. The team of observers includes members who were present in Zimbabwe during the presidential and legislative elections held in that country.

Among them the German diplomat Volker Frederick Karl, URS Unkatuf, consultant in international trade at BVMW, historian sociologist and Jose Zakaria Samuel Matemulane, teacher, researcher in political psychology among others.

From AFRIC Team.

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