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The resolutions of the International Conference «The Islands of hope» (the territorial dispute of the Scattered Islands)

Madagascar on September 19, 2018 played host to an international conference. The Pan African conference was organised by the Association for Free Research and International Cooperation AFRIC, in partnership with a Pan African Television channel, Afrique Media TV. Under the theme «The Islands of Hope», the landmark conference brainstormed on the problem of territorial disputes around the Scattered Islands. During the conference, the parties objectively discussed some of the many problem facing the Scattered Islands since the colonial era. The conference attracted many participants; among them experts and representatives of various organizations drawn from across the continent, scientists, public leaders and young activists from all over Madagascar also played an active role in the conference. In all, over 200 people across the globe were part of the activities that made up the day.

The main speakers at the pan African international conference thrilled the audience with very enriching talks. They were as follows:

Toussaint Alain, Ivorian national, senior consultant in political and public communication/Director of the pan-African press agency, African Daily Voice (ADV), gave a lecture on the topic: «Decolonization of the Scattered Islands: the economic and geopolitical stakes against state sovereignty».

  • Mailhol Andre Christian Dieudonne, a Malagasy politician and presidential candidate spoke on:«Advocate the return of the Scattered islands to the Malagasy »
  • Mmadi Ibahim, representative of the association OCD; talked on: «The return of Mayotte in its natural lap»,
  • Kémi Séba, the Founder of the  NGO Urgences Panafricanistes who hails from Benin gave a discourse on: «Scattered Islands; “For an immediate cessation of colonial looting “».
  • Paolo Emilio Raholinarivo, Turkish national, Campaign Directorof Mailhol Dieudonné, Engin Ozer, Editor-in-chief of «News Agency Voice of Africa»; focused on the topic «African politics is French».


The international conference culminated with some resolutions.

  • Overwhelmed by the conference, the participants resolved to ensure a total liberation of Africa and its people from the colonialism.
  • Pledged to encourage subsequent conferences with aim to exchange views and share experience, thus bringing the media and the international community to the realities of problems facing the African continent.
  • The participants acknowledged the existence of modern colonial systems in Africa and vowed to find a lasting solution that will ensure sovereignty of African states; given the fact that international law prohibits the colonization of independent states, even if in reality, it doesn’t cover or shield African nations.

N.B. At present, international law prohibits the colonization of independent states, but this only protects African countries from direct military intervention. Weaknesses of the international political system have made it possible for new capitalist empires to exploit new ways of restoring colonial control in Africa.

  • The conference backed the common stance of forces in South African region to totally fight against the pressure of European colonial politics.
  • To recognize and hail the public struggle of the GFFM party for Scattered Island. According to the participants, it was a successful move and deserves the attention of activists all over the world. But, contrary to the norms of international law and the position of the UN General Assembly, France is yet to return these islands to their rightful owners.
  • To create an expert commission of the countries in the disputed islands (Madagascar, Comoros, Mauritius, and Mozambique) for possible interaction with the African Union and to monitor France’s actions in the region.

The full text of the resolution is being prepared and will be soon available.

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