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International Economic Forum “Madagascar 2018”

On August 17-18, in the capital of Madagascar Antananarivo, the International Economic Forum "Madagascar 2018" was held with the participation of AFRIC.

Within the framework of the declared theme of the forum “Madagascar and African countries: the image of the future”, the position of Madagascar in the context of African countries was discussed, the assessment of the current situation through the prism of post-colonial experience of the country, overcoming the infrastructure crisis, the development of priority sectors of the economy, attracting investment, including using the exceptional position of the country on the way from Africa to Asia.

More than 500 guests were invited to participate in the forum: economists, politicians, businessmen, government and public figures.

The main speakers were activist Kemi Seba, former Prime Minister Jean-Omer Beriziky, the candidate in presidents of Madagascar, Pierre Mayol, Engin Ozer editor-in-chief of “Voix de l’Afrique”.

Former Prime Minister Jean Omer Berisiko presented a report on the creation of favorable conditions for attracting foreign capital. Dama Mahaleo Rasolofondraosolo Zafimahaleo spoke about the prospects of economic development. Rabearisoa has focused on youth issues.

The focus of the guests and the press was Kemi Seba, who made a vivid speech about the main problems of the region, highlighting the particularly harmful consequences of French colonialism and calling for the use of the country’s resources to build the future. He noted that with the departure of the French colonialism did not stop, as French financiers retain influence on the economy.

The presentations sparked discussion among the participants. The work of the forum was recognized by the participants and guests of the forum as productive, the results are planned to be implemented in the near future.

The second day of the Forum was devoted to cultural programs.

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