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AFRIC on Russia-Africa summit _day one

Article from AFRIC Editorial
Very solemn opening of the forum summit for peace, security and development Russia Africa. No less than 47 African heads of state have responded to the invitation of the Russian government to speak about future and cooperation. On October 23, 2019, the Sochi sky and its immense palace of sciences and arts saw the speeches of the Russian and Egyptian presidents.

Once again The AFRIC association made the exclusive trip to accompany the continent to this memorable event. By the present of its president, Mr José Matemulena and the team in charge of the projects. This persevering association that a few days ago was in Mozambique as part of a mission to observe the provincial and parliamentary presidential elections. It must be said that in two years this association has accompanied no less than 8 countries in social and democratic missions.

Today the opportunity is even greater for AFRIC to be in Sochi with the aim of continuing to promote democracy and cooperation between Africa and the nations that are committed to participating with it in this regard emergence.

Article from AFRIC Editorial

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