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AFRIC Make Strides Towards Establishing a Reputation as a Business Matchmaker to Fuel African Development

AFRIC editorial team
Representatives of the Association for Free Research and International Cooperation (AFRIC) attended the 2019 “Made in Russia” Conference that was held in Moscow on the 14th of November.

At the event there were several high level companies displaying their offerings covering the following sectors: machine, chemical, agriculture, healthcare, metal & wood work, consumer goods, banking, energy, construction and education. This gave AFRIC the opportunity to meet a range of specialists to engage in discussions aimed at determining the degree of compatibility and shared interests for collaborative explorations.

Picture 1 AFRIC representative at the Made in Russia Conference, 14 November, 2019 Moscow

AFRIC is in the process of building a reputation as a platform that unites African and Russian businesses and civil societies aimed at developing effective partnerships that will contribute to African development. The organisation understands that it is through symbiotic cooperation that socio-economic and political development can be achieved. A number of potential partners were identified and now it is necessary to engage further to build on the foundation that has now been laid.

In the weeks after the Russia-Africa international summit that was held in Sochi on October 23–24, 2019 in which both Alexander Brazhnikov the executive director of the RACIB and Clifton Ellis the strategist for AFRIC participated that gave window into this potential cooperation.

Clifton arrived at the office of RACIB in Moscow on the November 15, 2019 to discuss potential cooperation in the area of digitization and distributed ledger technology suitable for application in Africa.


Picture 2 AFRIC –  RACIB Collaboration Discussion

In Sochi, all 54 African states were represented with Clifton being given the opportunity to share with the audience AFRIC’s vision of fulfilling the vital role as a key matchmaker and interface into the African continent on multiple levels while he participated as a speaker on the panel entitled “The Future of the African Continent: Sovereignty and Traditional Values as Crucial Elements of a Development Strategy”. Within the context of sovereignty, it had been established that the development of the economies of Africa requires transparency of regulatory processes to boost the necessary investment needed to the continent. Clifton identified digitisation as a vital tool that should be utilised as a driving force for building a strong economic foundation geared towards competing in the 21st century.


Piture 3: Photo Opportunity at RACIB’s offices in Moscow

It is within the aforementioned strategy that AFRIC participated in discussions with RACIB to define the scope for cooperation that could be beneficial to both parties’ mandates. As part of the meeting, chaired by Alexander Brazhnikov, a presentation of the RACIB Project Library was held. Representatives of the RACIB participating companies demonstrated promising developments in the field of digital technologies and discussed the possibility of implementing these developments within the African context. The meetings were fruitful and both organisations have expressed an eagerness to work together starting with the drafting of a memorandum of understanding to cover the key areas for collaboration.





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