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AFRIC, Honorable guest of the International Conference From Inequality to Justice

On December 10, the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation hosted the international conference “From Inequality to Justice: World Experience and Solutions for Russia”. AFRIC was represented at the conference by its strategist Clifton Ellis and its honorary expert Nathalie Yamb.
Members of the Civic Chamber and foreign participants discussed various aspects of inequality − economic, social and environmental, as well as societies’ demand for equal opportunities in healthcare and education as well as the reasons behind the high level of inequality in society and ways to reduce it using the world’s best practices.

Clifton Ellis presented his speech “Energy as an essential compartment of socio-economic and political development” and Nathalie Yamb spoke about justice as a founding element of a society project: African experience.

The conference was attended by experts, academics, politicians and public figures from Cambodia, China, Cote d’Ivoire, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Kazakhstan, Mauritania, Morocco, Russia, Serbia, South Korea, Sweden, the United Kingdom, the United States and Vietnam. The economic and social councils and other Civic Chamber partner institutions within the AICESIS were widely represented at the conference.

The problem of the world energy deficit crystallized the debates during this forum. With regard to Africa, which is the most behind in terms of energy development, the specialist in energy issues and coordinators of AFRIC made the following proposals in order to boost electricity infrastructure throughout Africa, governments should show:
• Unwavering commitment to energy development by the de-politicisation of the energy sector by the creation of consensus orientated energy expert committees that will devise the best strategies and mechanisms for boosting the attractiveness for investment in electricity infrastructure

• Each country to develop a comprehensive energy strategies and if feasible by extension comprehensive energy strategy regionally to boost economies of scale

• The development of comprehensive industrial strategy that complimentary with the aforementioned energy strategy

The levers that could be utilised to achieve the above could include:
• Enhanced Governance

• Decentralisation of the electrical grid

• Power Purchase Agreement Schemes

• Allowing for Independent Power Producers

• Public-Private Initiatives

Such a hand-picked proposal is currently the subject of an analytical and detailed presentation in a recent report published by AFRIC Elaborated in Berlin and presented in Sochi a few months ago.

AFRICA 2040 The vision of the future report encountered in light some of the current challenges of Africa in terms of sovereignty, monetary economy, finance, governance, education, and electricity in the goal, to determine how to integrate the African culture in a more visible way within African institutions and beyond.


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