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AFRIC Expert Report: Vision of the Future “Africa 2040”

The Berlin Foresight "Africa 2040" sessions were organised by the Association of Free Research and Interational Cooperation (AFRIC). It was held on the 29th and 30th of July, 2019 at the Hilton Hotel, Berlin, Germany to provide the opportunity to discuss Africa’s political and economical emergence as the continent approaches 2040. The Foresight sessions gave the attendees made up of diplomats, journalists, policy maker, educators and expert professionals the platform to envision pragmatic scenarios that Africa could find itself, along with methods to achieve these goals. The outcomes of expert work were presented at the Russia-Africa Summit in Sochi on October 24, 2019.

The discussions shed a light on some of Africa’s ongoing challenge with sovereignty, monetary economics, finance, governance, education, electricity and lastly, to determine how to incorporate African culture more prominently within African institutions and beyond. It is clear that Africa has some way to go before it will be able to meet the aspirations of a growing and ambitious population possessing a large percentage of young people who are very motivated to acquire social and economic success.

African governments, businesses, civil society and education institutions have to work together on various platforms to define feasible targets and to define effective strategies and road maps to implement to yield the results aligned with targets.

Africa has a big opportunity in a world undergoing dramatic changes to forge a path for itself that enables it to be the biggest prosperity story of the century. AFRIC as an organisation has therefore compiled this report to elaborate  ideas that could offer samples of potential solutions for creating a progressive path forward for Africa that could assist in the formulation of strategies which could be implemented to achieve the significant growth and development to herald in long term socio-economic and political prosperity and stability.

The report was compiled on the back of answers to questionnaires developed by AFRIC, research papers, expert reports and open source information.

The outcomes of expert work were presented at the Russia-Africa Summit in Sochi on October 24, 2019.
The Full Version of the document is available here AFRICA 2040 Full version ENG

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