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2018 elections in the DRC: AFRIC observes the first democratic transition

From AFRIC Editorial
The democratic Republic of Congo has just crisscrossed a very critical stage in its history; a democratic election which has been expected since 2016 when Joseph Kabila’s second term came to an end. The three times postponed election had left many pondering over the fate of the country, as fear was rife that the already violence hit nation may plunge into a civil war if the results are not favorable to the masses.

AFRIC was part of this historic election which is expected to end the political stalemate in the country and mark the beginning of a new era. 35 observers from 19 countries across the globe: Germany, India, Malaysia, Britain, Mongolia, Serbia, Belarus, Turkey, Sweden, South Africa, Russia, Chad, Senegal, Gabon, Cameroon, Burkina Faso, Benin, Mozambique and United Kingdom.

Same day AFRIC observation team started flying into Kinshasa for the elections earlier planned for Sunday December 23, the Independent National Electoral Commission, CENI held a press conference announcing that elections had been carried forward to December 30.

By December 22, all 35 observers had arrived the city of Kinshasa ahead of the landmark presidential poll.


Observers were briefed on the electoral code and what was generally expected in the field, and received all the necessary materials including instructions and checklist .

8 teams comprising 4 observers per team were dispatched to 11 major districts of the capital: Limete, Kimbanseke, , Gombe, Barumbu, Kasa Vubu, Ngiri Ngiri, Lingwala, Kinshasa, Bumbu and the towns of Madimba and Kasangulu.

Despite the early morning heavy downpour, observers braved the odds and arrived to various locations. A good number of observers were very instrumental in their respected polling stations to ensure that the voting occurred hitch free.

Due to the late start of voting at most polling stations, observers stayed late into the night for the official end of the voting process and the vote counting. Despite some minor irregularities were reported from most polling stations, the voting process was calm and peaceful.

Observers mission report is available here.

From AFRIC Editorial

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