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Which (S) perception (S) do you have for street medicine?

The phenomenon of street medication is a very common phenomenon. Street drugs are drugs sold illegally in places other than pharmacies, private depots of pharmacies, health centers and hospitals, sold out of doors or spread out in markets, street corners...

If we see street drugs as having a price advantage that is lower than in pharmacies, we must not forget that health is priceless! The street drugs are mostly counterfeit, the sellers have almost no expertise, and the products are very poorly preserved, and on most drugs, it is marked “to keep in the shelter “heat, “which indicates that the drug should be kept at a specific temperature. Street drugs are a danger to consumers and pose a real threat to public health. Simply put, street drugs kill!

Since street drugs pose a threat to public health, it is time to raise the alarm about this practice and fight it. This struggle should therefore be a matter for everyone, and not just a matter for the state.

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