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The importance of rural exodus

Rural exodus refers to the movement of people from the village or countryside to the city. This population is essentially made up of young people who are old enough to start a family. They leave rural communities in order to avoid poverty, escape from it, or in search of a better job. It is an ancient phenomenon known from antiquity.

If we always see the rural exodus as one of the consequences of unemployment, juvenile delinquency and poverty, it is still not the case, because these young people on the move have as objectives to succeed in city and therefore, gives itself every means to achieve this to the point of creating small structures in order to support themselves, to self-employ and indirectly by other people.

In my opinion, it would be wise to encourage the rural exodus, because not only does it allow young people to discover the realities of life in an urban environment, but also to have a spirit of creativity, of discernment in order to face the realities of life.

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