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Should women contribute financially to the couple’s expenses?

The woman is the one who sees to the functioning of the family unit by taking care of the domestic tasks, the reproduction and the education of the children. It is thus considered as the pillar of the family.
The question for us is whether the woman, who is the base of the family unit must contribute financially to the expenses of the couple?

Some women answer this question in the negative because our era some women put everything on the back of the man because he is the head of the family. But, the world is changing and mentalities must not be the same in the sense that the current woman must stop having thoughts stopped.

Certainly the man wears the pants, nothing prevents the woman from participating in the expenses of the home. The woman can very well help her husband that would relieve him. This is not an obligation, but modernity would mean that the organization of the home is different and far from what was done at the time of our grandparents.

This is an opportunity to show her husband and her community that they have a certain financial independence, but above all to demonstrate to him that with or without his money they can always remain submissive. Most current women are active women, regardless of industry, so they are able to contribute to rent expenses. But, it is well to remember that unlike men it is not the subject of any legal requirement.

For the current young woman, everything starts from the organization of the couple, how he plans to manage the expenses of their home, their agreement from the moment they are committed to living together.

In the end, a woman must contribute to the expenses of the rent and that according to its finances, but even more in case of difficulties met on the side of her spouse.


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