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Polygamy refers to a situation in which an individual is related to several spouses at the same time. When it is a woman, one speaks of polyandry and when it is a man, one speaks about polygyny. It is specifically associated with humans, although cases of polyandry are very rare.

If some people see polygamy as a factor of social cohesion, respect, wealth … that is still not the case because it has its setbacks, which are more dangerous for each other and leave to be desired In several polygamous homes, cohabitation is difficult, very difficult indeed, to the point where it is difficult to reconcile the moods, the characters, which often leave room for the fight, rancor and even death. Given their numbers, the education of the children remains random, the children are abandoned to themselves and the father, sometimes being unable to support his family, deserts the home (s) to settle elsewhere.

In my opinion, polygamy should be abandoned in favor of monogamy.

Is it not written in the Bible that “the man will leave his father and mother and will attach himself to his wife …”?

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