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Make-up: a thing to do daily or occasionally?

Makeup is defined as the action of highlighting the aesthetic qualities of the face and of concealing the defects with the help of colored and technical cosmetic products that are related to it (make-up products). If for some girls the beauty begins at the moment when one decides to be herself, for the makeup fans, they are beautiful when they do makeup. Girls like to lend themselves to this practice to feel more beautiful as some say and attract attention as others say. Thanks to makeup, the most disadvantaged woman regains the charm she missed. Beauty is first and foremost a reflection of the soul; it is also a question of attitude, charm, authenticity and self-confidence.

However, makeup should not be a question of quantity but of frequency. Indeed, makeup is supposed to sublimate us, that is to say, be a plus for our image. However, if it is systematic, the image of ourselves makeup becomes our reference image. In which case, the day we do not have it, makeup represents a minus. So, instead of feeling prettier when you wear makeup, you just feel less pretty when you’re not. And there, it stuck. It is necessary to wear make-up, but daily, because the daily make-up is harmful for the skin in the sense that it irritates the face, it is sometimes at the origin of the buttons on the face and certain allergies and rashes; it is also found that it can pigment the skin.

In conclusion, if you have the right to wear makeup, you also have the right not to wear makeup without feeling ugly or less beautiful. That said, in view of its consequences and at the expense of fictitious beauty, I think it is better and better to wear makeup for special occasions.

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