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How can Africa finance its development Projects.

For some years now, African leaders have come to the understanding that to drive proper Economic growth on the continent, they need to be at the forefront of financing.

So this has made the leaders and policy makers to realize that they most not only depend on foreign direct Investment and development partners to attain sustainable economic growth, but also depend on its own financial resources to attain the desired growth. However, being at the top as far as financing of state projects is concerned still remains a problematic. Ivorian President Alassane Ouattara once said that “Africa’s greatest Challenge is ensuring that its transformation is bolstered by sufficient and innovative sources of Funding“, but it’s has always been a major issue of utmost concern because till date, the African continent can’t boost of financial autonomy as far as implementing development projects. AFRIC was privileged to meet a Cameroonian entrepreneur, an economic expert Triyah Swebu, C.E.O of Asset Management and Services Group, who spoke on how the African continent can attain financial independence and thus boost development.



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