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Can you get out of prostitution and still start a home?

Prostitution as a survival strategy is one of the means used by young women in street situations. Canadian studies on the subject estimate between 12% and 32% the number of young women living on the street engaged in prostitution. These young women do it either by themselves or by relatives: relatives, friends, and even partners in love (Damant et al., 2006). These as emphasized by Messervier, 1999 may also have an important role in the process of exit from prostitution.

How do we escape the hell of prostitution?

Escaping prostitution for good begins first and foremost with a clean will to get out. It is important for this to realize the gap between the expectations and the results actually achieved, to realize the risks and dangers involved in exercising this practice.
The next step is to realize that it would be very difficult to manage on your own. In any case, we don’t have to do it: there are associations, like the Mouvement du Nid in France, that offer “exit routes” to those who have decided to end prostitution. The aid consists of accommodation, medical monitoring and social and vocational integration measures.

For lack of finding such associations under our heavens, the African young woman does not have to be ashamed to get closer to parents(relatives), to friends, or why not, of religious communities, or even perfect strangers. The main part is that she understands that she cannot certainly take out there alone. Material, financial, psychological assistance, or even spiritual: no shape of help is to be neglected.

Found a home as a former prostitute: our advice

Between social condemnation and the physical and psychological after-effects of her years of prostitution, it is obviously difficult for the former prostitute to start a family. Going to start a new life elsewhere may seem like the perfect solution, but there is no indication that you will never meet a former customer, even a thousand miles from the hotel where you were giving passes.
Anyway, after realizing that she wants to start a family, the young woman must submit to all kinds of examinations and analyzes to obtain the certainty that she does not suffer from no venereal disease, but also that she is well able to become pregnant and carry her pregnancy to term. Many former prostitutes complain of suffering from sterility.

It is also essential that she perform deep inner work to forgive herself, to accept that she has engaged in prostitution, to understand that the past is the past and to be resolved to move forward. This will help her not to be easily shaken by what others may think and say about her, but also to not unknowingly sabotage her marriage because of various complexities that she may have developed.
Finally, she should resolve to be as honest as possible with her partner when she encounters one. It may be thought that very few men would agree to unite with a woman who has engaged in prostitution, but on the other hand, very few secrets do not end up being revealed in broad daylight.

To leave the cycle of prostitution and to found a home is the business of a good dose of will, of clarity of mind, of courage, but also of humility and honesty. The former prostitute must assume her past and must not presume his strength in his fight to build a new life.


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