Association for Free Research and International Cooperation


The AFRIC community activities are primarily supported by public and private donations. This allows our researchers to conduct and publish their findings and be remunerated for their efforts. Additionally as a Think Tank we facilitate and host summits, seminars and formal discussions allowing for further scrutiny of the research material generated by our affiliated international experts on socio-economic and political issues around the African continent and instigate solutions in the form of policy proposals.

Consistent with our bottom-up philosophy with respect to the acquisition of research data, we accept and encourage donations via cryptocurrencies in our advocacy for a more diverse financial system to aid peer to peer transactions outside of limited traditional financial system. This means more devolution of power to citizens by the promotion of peer to peer transactions which translates to more freedom of speech and citizen empowerment.

We invite talented independent researchers to join the community and share their thoughts, and those interested in information from independent sources to support the project.

You are also encouraged to donate to a specific AFRIC project from our portfolio of projects (see Project page) where we are operating on the ground in Africa to facilitate projects that will improve directly the lives of Africans.

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