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Tension mounts as French Yellow Vests call for massive turnout to mark anniversary

Paris police are preparing for several thousand Yellow Vest demonstrators on Saturday, the first anniversary of the protest movement. More than 200 appeals have been issued on social media, calling on activists to distribute handouts or block roadway roundabouts. The Paris demonstration is expected to attract some of the most radical elements of the movement.
The Yellow Vest protest movement has lost momentum over recent months, with a relatively small number of demonstrations attracting few activists.
15 November 2019

BRICS leaders discuss global economic setbacks

BRICS leaders discussed current global economic challenges on Wednesday with a commitment to overcome them. At an event for business executives in the Brazilian capital, Brasilia, Russian president Vladimir Putin expressed optimism.

“Due to the double recession we faced, we have seen an increase in protectionist attitudes with problems in customs, but the countries of BRICS have to make an effort for not being dejected by those kind of things. We have to keep the livelihood of our people and improve it”, Putin said.
15 November 2019

Rollout of Johnson & Johnson Ebola vaccine begins in Congo

Health authorities in eastern Congo have introduced a new Ebola vaccine produced by Johnson & Johnson, aid group MSF said on Thursday, to help combat the world’s second-worst outbreak of the virus on record. New tools including vaccines have helped contain the outbreak, second only to the 2013-16 West African outbreak that killed more than 11,300, despite public mistrust and conflict affecting the response in parts of the region.

The new vaccine, which has passed clinical trials but has never been tested in a real-world setting, will be administered to 50,000 people in Goma, a city of two million on the Rwandan border, Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) said in a statement.
14 November 2019

Ex-Congolese rebel chief Bosco Ntaganda to appeal ICC jail term

Former Congolese rebel leader Bosco Ntaganda will appeal a 30-year jail term handed by the International Criminal Court (ICC) for committing war crimes and crimes against humanity, his lawyers have said, adding that their client was "at peace" with himself. Ntaganda, nicknamed the "Terminator" for his role as a military commander in a bloody ethnic conflict in northeastern Democratic Republic of Congo in the early 2000s, was given The Hague-based tribunal's longest-ever sentence on Thursday.
12 November 2019
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