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Liberia: County Supt. Suspended Over Leaked Audio Discussing ‘Overthrow’ of President

Monrovia – Esther Walker’s warning came a little after 3pm local time Friday when the Liberian government’s Chief spokesman Mr. Lenn Eugene Nagbe posted on his personal Facebook Page that the Bong County Superintendent’s days were numbered in the George Weah-led government. “Bong County will soon have a new superintendent. Since you want to be a lying gossiper, we will send you back to your “puppetmaster,” the minister wrote.
16 February 2019

The five men running to become Senegal president

Africa’s first presidential election for 2019 takes place in one of the continent’s most stable democracies, Senegal. It is the 11th straight election to be held since independence 1960.
Senegal has seen three peaceful transfers of power: one intra-party transition and a ruling party handing over to the opposition twice. The first case was in 1980 when first president Leopold Sedar Senghor handed over to Abdou Diouf – both of the Democratic Party of Senegal, PDS. Diouf lost in 2000 polls with Senegal welcoming an opposition win in presidential polls. Abdoulaye Wade who made history by beating Diouf also handed over to incumbent Macky Sall in 2012 after losing a poll run-off.
13 February 2019
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