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Africa football: For the love of the game

Sports in Africa is like an old woman running a 100m meter race, nothing much and interesting to write home about. Although sports are an integral part of African society, the excitement, and economic benefits are not as intense as the game. Sports opens diverse benefits for a nation which includes economic development, personal development, which breads grounds for leadership, team spirit, happiness, etc.
Sports have a holistic impact. Let’s narrow it on football in Africa since it is the most popular sport. The game was first introduced by the Europeans to Africa in the 19th century and has since then been a major game up to date.
11 October 2019

Seven incredible investments for every African youth

What could ever be more profitable than doing good to own yourself in other words investing in yourself? It yields not only future benefits but often a current pay-off as well. The investment you put in yourself goes a long way to play a critical role in determining the quality of your life now and in the future as an African Youth. You need to be fully be fit in order to be able to give to others. Above all, it is our responsibility to take the time to develop ourselves so we can best serve others
Here are some interesting ways, you can invest in yourself - And guess what, and they do not all require money.
10 October 2019

Cameroon: National Dialogue, Kamto Liberated, and what about the NOSO Crisis?

The Grand National Dialogue, which had as objective to find concrete and lasting solutions to the Anglophone crisis that has rocked the predominantly English speaking regions of the Republic of Cameron, has heralded a new freedom and a new start for Prof. Maurice Kamto and the MRC. This may largely look philosophical and complex, but it is the reality on the ground. The Anglophone crisis and the case relating to Maurice Kamto are two independent problems which needed to be settled subtly and differently.
9 October 2019

The spirit of teamwork: the way forward for Africa.

In July 2010, the best football teams assembled and held the world in awe with their impressive performances during the FIFA World Cup tournament. However, the most spell-bounding performance came from Spain. Throughout the tournament, they kicked the ball each time with a plan. The team brought players who played for different clubs in training leading up to the tournament. Evidently, such situations in football tends to create some problems for the teams since each player comes from different clubs, however, it brings to the field a unique style of play according to the programming of their respective coaches ; many teams present consistent moves with the ball as some individuals get to stand out from among the rest. It is a familiar sight.
8 October 2019

The wrongly painted picture-African’s woe

Media spring up in Africa in the days of development.
In the early days of, 1794 the first printing press arrived in Africa in Sierra Leone but it was somehow destroyed before it was ever used.
The journey of the Africa media landscape has been a transformative and an ever-changing one. From the high use of traditional media, the scene has switched to digital media. Although traditional has not been totally scrapped out, the digitalization of media has become the most used and adapted.
7 October 2019

250 years after the birth of the nation called Seychelles

In the contemporary world, many people have so much fallen in love with the nation called Seychelles and would want to travel there at any given opportunity. However, the underlining fact is that many people are in the dark as far as the history of settlement or when the first settlers arrived this island nation is concerned. This wholly explains why Seychelles’ government has made it an event to mark two hundred and fifty (250) years ever since the first slave settlers arrived in the nation.
6 October 2019

Worse or already in danger : The impact of climate change in Africa

The lingering question, whiling away on the mind of nations, individual, Government, private institutions, etc. how safe is the world now. It is quite clear that the answer cannot be defined, but most importantly how safe is Africa. The continent has been dealing with the effect of climate change since the 1970s, reports from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) highlights that Africa will be one of the continents that will be most affected by Climate change.
4 October 2019

In business, the odds are African women

Competitive, unnervingly ruthless, aggressive: the attributes of many successful African men entrepreneurs although women are counted and part of this equation the picture perpetually paints them as alpha-male.
There is nothing wrong with gaining attributes to power the success of a business, but when it becomes socially forced it engenders the sustainability of a business – and the status of the owner especially when it is an African woman.
4 October 2019

South Sudan: Child Soldier recruitment undermines unity government

In times of emergencies, concerns are usually directed to women and children. This is because these classes of people are the most exposed and vulnerable when a nation is passing through a tumultuous or turbulent moment. As clearly defined by the Convention on the Rights of Children, Children in the military fall under the age of 18, who are either associated with government forces or other non-state armed factions. By this definition, it shows that so many children below the said age in countries at war, who become vulnerable, either voluntarily join the armed groups or are forcefully recruited by the hooligans. This is what the UN and other rights activists are decrying. A case in time is South Sudan, which has seen many children recruited as child soldiers since the political squabbles between rival politicians erupted some years ago.
3 October 2019

African descendants: The year of return- back to our roots

Slavery has always been a thing of the memory yet still it is present in the lives of almost all Africans, and most especially African American descendants. Each of the Africa countries has stings of slavery history attached to their foundation as a nation. Some countries were colonized by the French masters, others by the English, and Portuguese which enacted slavery activities, thus leaving the African region into diverse language divisions. Some Francophone, others Anglophones, some Portuguese etc.
3 October 2019

Zimbabwe : Cash shortages, suspension of mobile money platforms

ZIMBABWE has clamped down on mobile money, tightened controls on foreign-exchange bureaux and dealers and banned the quoting of prices in any currency other than its own dollar as it struggles to manage a monetary system that’s spiralling out of control. The Reserve Bank on Monday stopped operators of mobile-money services from paying out cash. It also tightened the spread at which dealers and bureaux de change can exchange the Zimbabwe dollar to between 3% and 5% from the official rate, down from a 7% spread imposed less than two weeks ago. On Sept. 28 it banned the quoting of prices in foreign currency.
2 October 2019
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