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Forces of destabilization approach the horn of Africa nation (Ethiopia)

On Saturday June 22, 2019, forces of disorder or destabilization invaded Ethiopia, one of Africa’s most vibrant nation since the election of a young and energetic politician Abiy Ahmed. The horn of Africa Nation is the latest victim of an attempted Coup d’état on the African continent. The head of government Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed on state television announced an abortive coup d’état which targeted President Ambachew Mekonnen of the Amhara region, a region situated North of the capital city Addis Ababa.
25 June 2019

Pyongyang in search of all-out support following failed deal with USA

The denuclearization of North Korea is once again at the center of international concerns of the day. During President Xi Jinping's latest state visit to Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea, on Friday, June 20, the issue was once again put on the table by North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. It is a means for the latter to seek to obtain the support of Beijing her close neighbor, who is in an open arm wrestling between Pyongyang and Washington over the denuclearization of North Korea.
23 June 2019

The rise of Africans in music and fashion across the world

African Music (Afro-Music) and Fashion (Afro-Fashion) are two very unique aspects of entertainment or “showbiz” because their ingredients are different from the regular. The sounds/rhythms of modern African urban music are made from purely traditional instruments and in languages. Fashion which goes hand in glove with modeling in other hand exploits regalia/fabrics with the designers and models striving to portray the different cultures in Africa.
21 June 2019

Africa’s emergence relies on economic transformation as key factor

Africa has grown fast within the last few years at rate which is estimated to be three times faster than the last decades. Despite the fact that the global crisis in 2008 dealt a serious blow to most countries, the continent only recorded a slowdown. Encouraged by this growth which has been as a result of stronger global demand, increased domestic consumption, public investments in infrastructure, there is now a general call for the emergence of the continent. Though a globally approved concept with some common grounds of measurement such as the GDP and growth rate, each country may have a different measuring rod, as well as specific areas of focus to achieve emergence.
20 June 2019

NBA, a new champion in the league

This Toronto Raptors win is also a triumph for Africa because Canada's franchise is the most Africanized in the league. The most obvious symbol of this strong African connotation is none other than the Nigerian Masai Ujiri, general manager of this team. With his vision of basketball and remarkable trades with him operated, he has shown that Africa could have a very important role to play in the sport of high level.
Next to Masai Ujiri, there are other figures of the continent like the Congolese Patrick Mutombo, assistant coach and who has a very big role to play in the development of the players of the franchise. There are also many African or African players who form the new image of the team such as Pascal Siakam, Serge Ibaka, or OG Anunoby, all winners of the prestigious NBA title
19 June 2019

Zambia to host its first ever National Economic Summit

‘’Time changes everything’’. As the world is evolving, its components, which is the human resource is also evolving. The African Continent has recorded tremendous successes over the years as its leaders seek to uplift the economic status of the continent. Apart from the routine African Union summits that hold every year to brainstorm on the transformation of the continent, many other important and private sector oriented meetings or summits have been holding over the years to discuss pertinent issues affecting the economy of Africa and to look for possible solutions to these problems.
17 June 2019
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