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China, a student destination more and more considered on the continent

Over the years Africans have made the journey to the West to further their education and become better persons for themselves, their families and the continent at large. Most African students always sought destinations like the United States, the United Kingdom and even France to broaden their educational horizons. However that trend seems to be fading away with many African students now looking for opportunities in Asia, especially China. The number of African students making their way to China for higher education is extraordinary. In 2003, less than or an equivalent of 2,000 African international students were calling China home.
24 August 2019

Dear world ….Letter from Zimbabwe

With living standards falling following the cataclysmic economic oblivion the country is facing, citizens watch with deep anger against the government authorities who seem unmoved by the plight of the masses. The suffering citizenry trace back into history, carefully pondering on the skilfully executed strategy by President Mnangagwa and his supporters to snatch power from the revered dictator Robert Mugabe. The general public ask in shock and disbelief, 'Did ED stage a coup to plunge the country into this ruthless poverty?' Hindsight has the advantage that foresight lacks: it is far easier to see things more clearly after they have happened. And it is hindsight which has left many shaking their heads in disbelief. As the months went by from coup (November 2017) to election (July 2018) and from election to January 2019 Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Union protest, it became clear that the ship had hardly sailed from the past.
23 August 2019

Children and the economy, most affected by conflicts

When a country is plagued by conflicts and war, grave consequences follow suit, either during or after the war. Experience has shown that children, women and the economy are the most affected in times of turmoil. Political and social violence in most African countries and beyond have been the order of the day. Countries like Mali, Burkina Faso, the Central African Republic, the Republic of Cameroon, Sudan, South Sudan, Nigeria, Democratic Republic of Congo, Syria, Yemen and Iraq among others have seen dark days of war and conflicts that have had devastating effects. In most cases, these unfortunate scenarios often lead to a halt in education, economic activities, hamper health facilities and insecurity.
22 August 2019

Medical expenses of African administrations abroad are hotly criticized

Last March, the Nigerian government made the decision to limit as much as possible the enormous expenditure made by the State for the evacuation of administrative cadres. Because each year, it is several billion CFA francs which are drawn from the public treasury to cover medical expenses of the administrative elites. Sums of money that could be used to build more developed and better equipped medical centers. According to the information conveyed by local media, the country spends nearly 5 billion FCFA per year or $ 10 million to cover the medical care of its officials.
21 August 2019

Southern Africa, one of the continent’s most stable regions

When we talk about Africa, we talk diversity. Africa is one blessed continent with so many unique things. There is the rebirth of a new Africa, with new mindsets. No matter the challenges faced by Africa, many strides are being made at regional levels to see the total transformation of the continent. Like ECOWAS, that has been widely appraised for ensuring that member nations are made politically and economically viable, the Southern African Development Community, SADC is another regional bloc that has made enormous efforts to promote integration and economic growth in the sub region.
20 August 2019

Ebola, the failure of the global pharmaceutical industry to solve the crisis

Ebola, one of the deadly virus in the world that continue to torment West Africa has its turn on Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) yet again. The July 2019 declaration of Ebola outbreak in the DRC as a Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC) sparked debate across the world and among the ethicists, economists, and health policy experts, on the world’s preparedness to combat and proffer a solution to this virus coupled with well-funded research and development that leads to medically certified vaccines. Considering the unprecedented EVD.
18 August 2019

USA: Weapons in free circulation, and the shock of mass killings

Mass killings are increasing in the country of ounce Sam. In 24 hours, the United States recorded last week two mass shootings. The first of a racist nature that took place on August 03, 2019 in El Paso, Texas, killed about twenty people. The other one the day after in Dayton in Ohio caused the death of ten people. These two shootings, according to the NGO Gun Violence Archives are the 250th and 251st involving 04 people or more in the United States since the beginning of this year. Despite the tweets of President Donald Trump who condemned these acts, these two bloodbaths are relaunch in a country hit by this type of event, the heated debate over the regulation of the sale of firearms.
17 August 2019

India and its commercial soft power strategy in Africa

The trade policies that characterize trade between India and Africa are unique in that they originate from a very old South-South cooperation deeply rooted in the global economic landscape. Since the Bandung Conference, the first conference of Afro-Asian Nations in 1955, which condemns, among other things, colonization and racial segregation, both parties have already reaffirmed their willingness to work and progress together. As was the case in the face of colonization, which had been the story of a common struggle, India and Africa decided to make their way together on the ground of prosperity and hence of trade. This willingness to cooperate, was even recently renewed by the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, during his tour in Africa in July 2015. In front of the Ugandan Parliament, Narendra Modi then raised, in a solemn outing, the need for the India and Africa fight together for prosperity after once fighting colonization together.
15 August 2019

Abandoned babies in Africa, causes and solution

‘'Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness''. Desmond Tutu. But does this phrase still have a strong impact on the contemporary world? It would be very difficult to independently say yes to this assertion, given the events that have marked the African continent in recent times. The African continent has been termed by so many observers and pundits as a ‘'fertile ground'', this is mainly because the continent's population is very young and fertile for childbirth. According to some United Nations statistics, Sub-Saharan Africa accounted for 16% of global births in 1990. In present-day society, this figure has increased to 27%. It is anticipated that this percentage will stand at 37% by 2050. Childbirth is higher in Africa, even in nations with very low living standards and poor climate that hinder proper and healthy growth, women still give birth to children.
14 August 2019
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