Association for Free Research and International Cooperation


Association for Free Research and International Cooperation (AFRIC) is a community of independent researchers, experts and activists. The main goals are creating a platform for elaboration and dissemination of objective analytical information, first-hand opinions; establishing direct communication and cooperation.

The AFRIC website is supported by donations and it allows researchers to make publications, conduct research and receive remuneration for interesting materials.

AFRIC supports publicists and activists. Using cryptocurrencies, AFRIC demonstrates its independence from outdated financial and banking systems, it shows the real freedom of opinions and analysis on the internet.

We invite talented independent researchers to join the community and share their thoughts, and those interested in information from independent sources to support the project.

AFRIC has a horizontal structure: anyone can donate to finance the project, as well anyone can get rewards for quality research. AFRIC is funded by donors with a common passion to foster Africa’s development through bottom-up initiatives and partnership philosophy. The overwhelming majority of the ones contributing to AFRIC projects are successful and proactive businessmen and academics based all over the world and are ready to act today for the tomorrow of Africa. They fully share and strongly embrace our belief that African problems require African solutions.

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