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Central African Republic: what is the extension of the EUTM mandate for?

The EUTM is a subsidiary body of the European Union that specializes in the recycling of the Central African Armed Forces (CAAF). Unfortunately, the delaying training of the CAAF is reported, which is at the origin of the anger of a good number of compatriots who wish to see an acceleration and, an increase in numbers of our defense forces because, almost half of our territories is occupied by unconventional forces that continue to kill and loot citizens.

No Central African has forgotten the efforts deployed by the EUFOR European force in 2014. These EUFOR commandos were really scaring the criminal and self defense groups of Km 5.

The latter have enormously contributed in the security domain and also in the development sector, by bringing back a little bit of peace in the capital Bangui and by building metallic bridges almost everywhere in the capital Bangui.

According to our information, the EUTM recycles the CAAF for a period of 3 to 4 months. But the CAAF are hardened infantrymen, why does the EUTM take a lot time to train the CAAF? Let us recall that the training is very slow for, the number of CAAF military men trained by the EUTM does not meets up with the needs of the moment.

Central Africans are not satisfied with the EUTM’s delivery in the CAAF recycling process. As Charles Blégoudé said << when politics enter through the door, rights go out through the window>>. So, nowadays, several accusing fingers stand up to deplore the slow training of the CAAF. Today, European Union officials have extended the EUTM mandate by one year. Fortunately, the Central African Republic executive had the idea to renew the cooperation with the Russia of Vladimir Putin, and Russian military instructors effectively train the CAAF in Bérengo in a fast manner every 3 months.

Presently, there is a strong tension between Vladimir Putin’s Russia and Emmanuel Macron’s France, around the support of Russia to CAR. We wish that the EUTM make efforts to accelerate the recycling procedure of Central Africans armed forces, and let us hope that Vladimir Putin’s Russia will hold on till the end of the five-year term of President Faustin Archange Touadéra.

By Saint-Cyr Gbégbé-Ngaina

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