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Central Arican Republic: France very angry with Touadera?

We cannot support that the Central African-French relationships are in good shape, as at the time when François Mitterand and Mireille Kolingba could dance ‘’ the Bangui rumba’’ at the renaissance Palace. It is all old stuff and water has flowed under the bridge.

The Central African-Russian relationships recently reinforced by an accord of defense between the CAR and Russia seem to have set fire on powders. Between Paris and Bangui, it is an icy cold caused by the presence of the Russian military and a private Security Company that is equally thriving in exploration and mining.

For France and according to the French minister of foreign affairs, the presence of the Russian military is considered as interference in the affairs of CAR,            as if the CAR had become a French overseas territory such as Mayotte, Guadeloupe or Martinique. A propos with colonialist and imperialist hints that nothing justifies in the name of international law and political morality, except the French arrogance! France does not hide her moods, and she makes it known in an unfortunate declaration in N’Djamena that raises all the suspicion of Central-Africans who see the France-Africa so dear to the predator Emmanuel Macron, coming back to gallop. And the causes of France’s fury against President Touadéra are beginning to become clearer, not only because of the malicious remarks vis-à-vis Russia, but also vis-à-vis Central African authorities who do not respect their electoral, constitutional and political engagements. There is obviously something going on under the rocks but we will not be wrong on the malicious intentions of the French authorities against Central African government threatened of destabilization since then.

For France would frantically look for pretexts to fight president Touadéra after all accused of manipulating the Central African media against France. Since the French government use to manipulate organisms like RFI, France 24, Le Monde, Le Figaro, Liberation, L’humanité ou le Canard anchainée. Another mistake added to the appreciation errors on the situation in CAR. What does France with the independence of media?

Relationships with Russia are not recent

The CAR sometimes had tumultuous relations during the Bokassa period with the USSR. The relations with Russia register themselves as part of the continuity of these historical relations, taking into account the spectacular evolution of the world, with new political, economic, military, and geostrategic stakes. We must adapt to this evolution or perish!

Reinforcing our relationships with the Russia of Vladimir Putin is in the order of <<political realism>>, even if Russia is poorly perceived in the world by westerners who do not appreciate his intervention in Syria beside the bloody Bachar El Assad. For Russia the stakes are first of all geopolitical, but also economic.

It is the first time that Russia deploys its military men on the continent, after Angola and Mozamboque in particular. The first time she also signs an << Accord of defense>> with an African state in conflict and otherwise a zone of France influence that, fulminates of anger.

France very angry!

BY Saint-Cyr Gbégbé-Ngaina

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