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Zambia : A non-governmental organization that gives hope to the underprivileged

Article from AFRIC Editorial
A famous missionary and saint in the person of Mother Teresa once said “We think sometimes that poverty is only being hungry, naked and homeless. The poverty of being unwanted, unloved and uncared for is the greatest poverty. We must start in our own homes to remedy this kind of poverty.” Over the years, it has been very difficult to comprehend the philosophy about life. The society in its natural essence seems to be unjust or partial at times. Most at times, we ponder why a particular class of people should live well and others die in abject poverty, whereas they all reside in the same environment. However, some issues are not meant to be discussed for they seem to be far from the physical but more of a mystery.

That notwithstanding, the advent for Non-Governmental Organizations NGOs have largely contributed in uplifting and reforming these less considered or underprivileged people by providing them with basic necessities. Non-governmental organizations have as main objective to care for the social wellbeing of people, society and communities in vulnerable or deplorable conditions, as such most of these nonprofit organizations have made the plights of these deprived children their priority of.  One glaring example of such apolitical organization that caters for the need of the less considered people especially children in modern-day society is the ‘’in&Out Of the Ghetto’’, non Profit and non-governmental organization.


’IN&OUT of the Ghetto’’ is a Zambian based Non-governmental and non-profit organization functioning in the peripheries of the capital city Lusaka, precisely in the BAULENI Compound. The Zambian based NGO that has been operation since 2012.  The life serving NGO is owned and directly managed by the president of the organization Bertha Tembo and coordinator and co-founder Diego Cassinelli, an Italian national locally called ‘’Mwanza’’. According to Mr. Diego, the fundamental reason behind the creation of the non-profit organization ‘’IN&OUT of the Ghetto’’ NGO is to empower the youth and boost development in the community. ‘’ We work to build the capacity of the youths through their active participation in the development of the community in which they live.’’


Like any other person will attach meaning to his or her organization, the name ‘’IN&OUT of the ghetto’’ according to the founders of the NGO depicts or signifies the philosophy of ‘’our work, our approach and the values in which we believe ’’. Thus, as the name sounds, ‘’IN’’ because ‘’we have decided to live in the compound, where people’s lives take place. We want to live in close contact with the people, in order to try and understand, to share in the laughter and the tears, empower and involve them in every aspect of our work as a principle while they face the different realities of the compound’’ and ‘’OUT’’, because ‘’we want to create ways that lead out of the ghetto condition, not so much as a physical place, but as mental slavery, as a big obstacle that blocks the path of human growth. The ghetto is that “forma mentis” which paralyzes an individual and communitarian empowerment and development’’.


‘’IN&OUT’’ of the Ghetto shares a very strong philosophy as seen below.

Believing in the respect & dignity of the people we work with.

Africa, in general, is full of beauty and the power that vibrates in every nook and cranny is pure energy!

‘We believe that the pace at which we approach the people involved in our actions and projects should be respectful and the eye through which we see must be prepared to bring out the beauty’.


As per the co-founder of ‘’IN&OUT’’ OF THE GHETTO Diego Cassinelli, they are currently operating a social business in Lusaka and as such, they engage youths in many activities that can positively impact their lives. He said ‘’ we train our youths, we give them professional skills, we employ them and so we manage to have profits to invest in our project, a drive towards self-sustainability.


It’s very common to see NGOs depend solely on aid to run their activities, however, the story is very different with ‘’IN&OUT’’ of the ghetto NGO. Acknowledging that donors and donations are important, they think that this alone is not fundament. Thus, driving to be self-sustained and rely less on donor from external partners, the management of the ‘’IN&OUT’’ have engaged in economic activities to generate income. Today they boast of a great restaurant in Lusaka, with the name ‘’LA BOTTEGA ITAMBIAN RESTAURANT SUSTAINABILITY PROJECT OF ‘’IN&OUT OF THE GHETTO”.

A combination of both Italian and Zambian delicacies.  For more information on ‘’IN&OUT’’ of the ghetto visit this [email protected]

In a nutshell, with the manner in which the brain behind the ‘’IN&OUT’ of the ghetto NGO has contributed in uplifting the lives of locals in the Bauleni area of Lusaka, gives more credit to the many NGOs around the globe that seek to bring out suffering children from their miseries or ‘’ghettos’’ give them new life, new hope and see them through vocational workshops that uplifts their standards. Giving life, hope to the rejected is a great fulfilment.

Article from AFRIC Editorial

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