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Is Bozize excluded from the political dialogue?

In title, this question has all the reasons to be in the eye of some actions of the Touadéra government vis-à-vis the former Central African Republic president, General François Bozizé. Indeed, the minister of transport and civil aviation, Mr. Théodore Jousso, released two weeks ago, a circular note prohibiting companies serving the Central African Republic government not to carry François bozizé which, according to the said note, represents a danger to national security.

Forced out of power by the Seleka in 2003 and therefore forced to exile since then, accused of supporting the Anti-Balaka Militias, in this regard, banned from travelling and assets frozen by the UN Security Council, indicted by the Central African Republic for crimes he allegedly committed against the nation and brushed aside from the last presidential election that took place in the country. To name just that, the man of March 15, 2003 does not give up on his political ambitions that we will not say it is disproportionate to reconquer the presidential chair one day.

Since the latter from his exile location, did not remain on the sidelines of efforts made from one side to another, aimed to find solutions to the crisis in Central African Republic and to enable his return home.

The latest example of the latter’s active will in terms of peace is his recent meeting in Kampala (Uganda) by the African Union Panel, in the framework of the implementation of the guidelines for peace and reconciliation in the Central African Republic, elaborated by the same AU.

Obviously, the former head of state of the Central African Republic said during the meeting, to be favorable and willing to participate without any condition to the next political dialogue which, in all evidence will gather around a table the government and armed groups in the next weeks.

On the contrary, the aforementioned circular note of the head of the department of transport and civil aviation, Mr. Théodore Jousso, formally prohibiting companies serving the CAR from carrying Bozizé, for the simple reason that this latter would be the subject of a sanction of the UN Security Council and would be consider as a source of unrest and insecurity on the Central African Republic soil, apart from being a problem, it sufficiently demonstrate how the former president is far from being seen as a holy person by the authorities in charge of the country.

It is true that the return of Bozizé Yangouvanda to Bangui remains a preoccupying matter to these same authorities.

Added to that, a good number of observers of the Central African public life think that if it had not been the electoral reservoir of the KNK (party kwa Na Kwa of François Bozizé), the current president of the republic would not have won the January 30, 2015 presidential election.

Does the president founder of the KNK politically constitute a danger for Touadéra, despite the steps for the return of peace and national reconciliation?

Anyway, we hope that the accord of Khartoum, initialed between armed groups under the Russian supervision last week, of which the group anti-balaka wing Mocome presumed to be close to François Bozizé also took part, will surely restore peace things in their contexts in the name of the supreme interest of the nation.

By Hervé SAMBA

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