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#Trashtagchallenge: A new challenge that is saving the environment.

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The environment is the natural world, a particular geographic area, surroundings or conditions in which a person, animal or plant lives, operates or carries out activities which can affect the environment positively or negatively.

For the past 30 years, there has been a high level of industrialization, economic activities and natural processes such as mining, processing of chemicals, volcanic activities, deforestation and many more which are affecting or have affected the environment positively and negatively. In the course of all these activities and processes, toxic waste materials are generated which may or may not endure costs to properly eliminate or dispose of. Most often than not, these waste materials are not properly disposed of more at the level of the consumer and some producers. The improper disposal of these waste materials has led to a rapid deploring change on the environment which has been a major concern during the global summits for environmental and climate change because it is leading to diseases and disasters; a major and visible part of which is comprised of plastics.

Origin of #trashtagchallenge

In 2015, the #trashtagchallenge was initiated by the Utility, Comfort and Originality (UCO) Gear, an outdoor innovation, lighting and manufacturing Company founded in 1971 in Redmond City, King County, Washington DC USA. When the UCO Gear “People Ambassador” initiated the #trashtagchallenge idea to his team using his social media pages, it was widely embraced by not only his team but also by the world; this challenge soon went viral on social media and later died down in 2016.

On Tuesday march, 05 2019, Byron Román, a parliamentarian under NAHREP Greater, a loans officer at Domenica & Byron Citywide Home Loans, director of education in VAREP and vice president of Prospanica Marketing and Social Media company, from Phoenix capital city of Arizona, posted a picture on Facebook of An Algerian Environmentalist by name Drici Tani Younes stating, “Here is a new #challenge for all you bored teens. Take a photo of an area that needs some cleaning or maintenance, then take a photo after you have done something about it, and post it”.

His post not only caught the attention of the world and went viral on all social media platforms, it also caught attention of television and radio houses as Román in connection with the #trashtagchallenge was mentioned on this BBC, AZfamily TV Channels (KTV, KPHO TV, CBS 5), CNN and also on radio in Germany as he posted on Thursday, march 14 2019 on his Facebook timeline saying, “The challenge is on. OK Arizona friends, we have been challenged by a radio station from Germany to pick up more trash than they have”.

Many international organizations who seek to foster this same motive of sensitizing the world on environmental preservation and cleaning, have also taken note and acknowledged this venture from Román and Younes.

On Thursday March, 12 2019, a week after his post on Facebook had gone viral with over 323,000 shares and numerous comments, Román posted again on his Facebook timeline saying, “This is the young man in the photo I shared last week here on Facebook. My goal was that it would inspire some of my friends, including teens, to do what he did. Not in a million years would I have dreamed that sharing that photo would inspire the rest of the world. Many, like him, have been doing this for a while and making our home planet better and cleaner place #trashtag #BasuraChallenge.  For those of you that always say ‘I am only one person, what can I do?’ Here is proof that you can do something.” He also added the link of the young Algerian environmentalist’s Facebook page which immediately further sparked and re-enkindled the almost forgotten #trashtagchallenge as social media was flooded with pictures of people and groups from different parts of the world cleaning beaches, bushes, abandoned structures, roads and other areas of waste material. He also continued reposting statements on Facebook with the Spanish version of the word trash #basurachallenge.

The #trashtagchallenge among many other challenges which has caught social media like a wild fire, is a successful venture which is aimed at encouraging young people to use all social media platforms to foster an ecofriendly environment in the world, so as to mainly eliminate the improper disposal of solid waste materials especially plastics.

How to do the #trashtag challenge

To participate in this challenge, take a picture of the area to be cleaned showing the waste material. After cleaning, take another picture of the area with the bags containing the waste. Join the before and after pictures to form one and post on the social media platform you wish to use with a caption involving the #trashtagchallenge in it.

A clean and well preserved environment makes the world a better place and should be a major concern for people in all parts of the world.

Article de la rédaction AFRIC

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Credit images: google images/ #trashtag challenge

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