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Moscow-Africa summit

Article from AFRIC Editorial
‘’When a relationship between two distinct people becomes stronger, they look for ways to solidify it and make it stronger’’. Russia’s influence in Africa was largely felt in the days when many African Nations sought for independence, Russia making its presence felt in Africa mean the economic giant wants to take its relationship with the continent to another level. Russian President Vladimir Putin in 2018 talked of a planned Russia-Africa summit to bring Moscow and African leaders and economic stakeholders under one platform to galvanize economic, security and cultural ties between Africa and the Soviet Union.

President Putin who spoke on the sideline of the 2018 BRICS summit in Johannesburg-South Africa did not, however, elucidate on the date and year of the planned summit, but highlighted the fact that Africa has come of age and is en route to development, thus a need for Russia-Africa pact.

Pending Moscow-Africa summit 2019

In October or November 2019, Russian president Vladimir Putin will be hosting over fifty (50) African Presidents and head of governments in the first ever Russia-Africa Summit. Even though the agenda for this historic and cooperation gathering is still in the closet, the summit will present a forum from two old friends to cement their weakened relationship. The director of the Russian Foreign Ministry’s Department of Africa Andrei Kaminsky in one of his many interviews confirmed that the leadership of Russia will assemble his African partner in the second half of 2019, Its should be noted that the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1990 caused Moscow to sever ties with many African nations. In other words, their relationship drastically dwindled, it is high time to regain trust and revive the almost gone friendship.


Many schools of thoughts have advocated arguments regarding Russia’s quest for Africa. According to analysts, Moscow wants to maintain its position as a superpower especially against the United States of America, and thus seeking grounds in Africa presents a milestone for Russia. However other are of the view that Russia is the friend Africa needs in today’s world. A Muslim cleric Sheikh Mohammed said ‘’ I think Russia is a blessing and a real friend of Africa.’’ According to the Muslim Cleric from Cameroon, the Presence of Russia in The Central African Republic is the reason the Touadera led administration succeeded in striking a deal with rebels, the recording successes in regaining the country’s stability.

Another anonymous pundit hailed the presence of Russia in Africa, saying ‘’ Russia and Africa have so many things in common in terms of economic activities, agriculture, natural resources, and as such making their cooperation very pragmatic and mutual.

Just as South African President Cyril Ramaphosa said that in other to spur massive economic growth and development, governments need to encourage Foreign Direct Investment. In a nutshell, With Saudi and Russian businessmen coming to invest in Africa, it would be a milestone for a continent that is seeking to emerge developed in the years ahead. Thus Saudi-Africa or Russia-Africa summit is a vital step towards solidifying especially economic ties with Africa.

Article from AFRIC Editorial


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