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Cameroon: Maurice Kamto refuses to be tried by military court

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Maurice Kamto, politician and leader of the Cameroonian opposition since the election of October 7, declared before the military court that he was a civilian and that he did not deserve to be tried or charged by a military court.

The court later postponed its decision until next week to allow it to rule on the legality of his trial. Kamto and his supporters are accused of insurrection, a crime punishable by death. Other charges include the organization of illegal gatherings and the disruption of peace in the country. Kamto, a leader of the Cameroonian Renaissance Movement (MRC), and his supporters have challenged last year’s elections by claiming that the country’s leader, Paul Biya, rigged the election.

He then called on his supporters to hold demonstrations in four major cities in the country that, according to the authorities, tainted the peace and security of the nation. In addition, the authorities accuse the opposition leader of being behind recent vandalism against Cameroon’s embassies in Europe.

The tenor of the Paris Bar Me Eric Dupond-Moretti, Maurice Kamto’s counsel and the 131 opponents arrested in Cameroon, wants to prepare the defense to international bodies. “I have been contacted by the family and by all the friends of Mr. Kamto, who are arbitrarily detained, scandalous and untitled, in a justice system that Amnesty International stigmatizes and castigates regularly,” he said. 24. And to add: “I will try to go to Cameroon to meet my clients and then we will go to Geneva, it may be easier than to go to Cameroon. are a clear violation of human rights, and Geneva is a guarantor of the sacred temple of international rights. ” The main opponent of President Paul Biya after the October presidential election he came in second, Maurice Kamto has been imprisoned since the end of January.

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