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Nigeria: Candidates for presidential election are on the final straight

*Campaigns in Nigeria’s general elections are now in their last phase. The elections include ballots for lawmakers at the state and national levels, state governors and the presidency.

The cities are filled with campaign posters and rallies from different political parties. In Lagos, the ruling party APC has brought its presidential campaign train with president Buhari and other party leaders.

Despite the strong criticisms the 78 year old Buhari has faced, his supporters speak warmly of his performance.

“In fact President Muhammadu Buhari is doing great, we the youth appreciate him. We like it and we know this coming election we are going to win,” Yetunde Babatunde, an APCsupporter said.

At the rally, are not just supporters of Mr Buhari. A Tanzanian man says he has been to 80 countries to deliver prophecies to their leaders and has come all the way to Nigeria with his prediction for the winner of the presidential elections.

“Buhari is going to win again but the problem of Nigeria, is the poor people of Nigeria. They have not inherited what God has blessed them with. Nigerians are scattered, they move all over the world. They run over the world seeking for help but Nigeria is one of the richest countries in Africa. So the big problem is the people surrounding the President that is the issue,’’ Reverend A.B Temba, a spiritual leader noted.

His message or so called prophecy in anyways is one that would not deter supporters of the main opposition party PDP, who want to kick Buhari out of power.

“The past years, people have been complaining. I personally believe that Atiku, let me specify, I believe if he wins, things would be better,” Nkiru Ndima, a trader said.

Atiku Abubakar a former vice president and now main opposition party’s candidate is considered a tough competition for Buhari and some polls have given him a slim advantage

Saturday February 16 provides the opportunity for Nigerians to either vote him in for a second term in office or change him.

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