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Zimbabwe: military withdraws from deployment

The Zimbabwe Defence Forces (ZDF) has restored peace and order in the country after it was invited to quell violent protests instigated by labour unions and opposition elements last month that led to the loss of lives and left a trail of destruction, a senior official has said.

Addressing journalists yesterday, ZDF (Inspector- General) Major-General Douglas Nyikayaramba said they were ready to pull out soldiers deployed to assist the police in the maintenance of law and order subject to confirmation from the law enforcement agencies.

He said ZDF would, however, institute investigations into allegations of gross misconduct and human rights abuses levelled against its members and those found guilty would be dealt with decisively in terms of the law.

The Zimbabwe Congress Trade Unions (ZCTU), some non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and opposition elements embarked on violent demonstrations ostensibly over fuel price increases, which turned into an orgy of looting and burning of police stations, vehicles and shops, among other vices.

“The ZDF wishes to inform members of the public that these disturbances have come to an end. Peace and security have returned to the country owing to close cooperation of the country’s security forces and the genuine support they received from members of the general public,” said Maj-Gen Nyikayaramba.

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