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Somali security forces kill 40 militants in southern region

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The fight against al-Shabab continues. Somali National Intelligence Service Agency (NISA) has revealed that it had killed 40 al-Shabab fighters in the country’s southern region. In an official statement, NISA quoted ‘Security forces launched a wide-scale operation in Farsoley village in Lower Shabelle region on Saturday.’

Somali security forces have in the time being intensified operations against the al-Qaida-affiliated group, al-Shabab in central and southern regions.

The terrorist group on Monday launched a car bombing attack on a shopping mall in Mogadishu, the country’s capital city killing at least 12 people and leaving nine injured.

Somali National Armed Forces backed by African Union Mission in Somalia ousted al-Shabab from Mogadishu in August 2011, however, the terrorist group is still in control of areas in southern Somalia.

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