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Angolan Airlines reduces tariffs for domestic flights

With a view to softening the financial efforts of passengers and solidarity with their economic difficulties, TAAG - Angolan Airline, has introduced a new tariff for domestic flights, with reduced prices.

On the other hand, it cut meals during inter-provincial travel, after a comparative study with similar companies, which, for similar flight times (less than two hours), do not offer catering services, (meals on board).

“TAAG has taken and continues to take steps to improve the provision of services to its passengers. In this sense, as from February 1, it provides a new tariff that takes into account the socioeconomic reality in the various domestic destinations,” the company said.

In a statement the operator says it is aware of the reality, without losing sight of the profitability that it is obliged to its shareholders, and that this way intends to be closer to the needs and concerns of the customers.

With regard to the withdrawal of light meals on domestic routes, it was found that most of the food available was not consumed by passengers, and that food waste is contrary to the company’s social values.

TAAG’s document adds that it has as a priority the constant improvement in the quality of the service it provides and, above all, wants to guarantee a safe operation, following the best practices and procedures of the aeronautical industry.

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