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UN condemns ritual child killings in Tanzania

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The world’s most influential bloc has reacted to the recent killing of children in Tanzania. The United Nations (UN) on Tuesday condemned a wave of murders of young children in southern Tanzania. Local media in the country reported that the killings were ritual killings, where body parts were removed.

The private newspaper, Mwananchi, reported that some 10 children between the ages of two and 10 years old had been found dead since the start of the month in the southern Njombe region.

“The United Nations in Tanzania offers its deepest condolences to the families and communities of children who have been brutally murdered in Njombe over the last few weeks,” read a statement.

The UN through its office in Tanzania has revealed its readiness to work closely with the Tanzanian government, in a move to trap the perpetrators of the act. “As the UN, we stand ready to support the government in their efforts to address the issue. This was contained in a statement made by UN’s resident coordinator in Tanzania Alvaro Rodriguez.

As per the local newspaper, the children had their ears, tongues and sexual organs removed, with the murders linked to “superstition”.

In Tanzania, albinos are often kidnapped and their body parts removed and use as charms and magical potions. This is mainly because of the belief that Albinos bring wealth and good luck.

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