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Cyclone Desmond causes severe floods in Mozambique.

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Tropical Cyclone Desmond recently hit Mozambique which has led to flooding in the fourth-largest city. Several houses have been inundated while others completed washed away.
According to the South African Weather Service (SAWS), Desmond which was formed in the Mozambique Channel on Sunday night brought 277mm of rain to the city of Beira. The storm which drifted slowly northwest hit the coast about 40km to the south of Chinde, 200km to the north of Beira.

The South African Weather Service had earlier warned on Monday that Tropical storm ‘Desmond’ is expected to bring heavy rain and strong winds of up to 70km/h to Mozambique.

It was estimated that about 277 millimetres of rain was reported in Beira, more than the 250mm expected in the entire month of January.

However, the storm is expected to continue its NNW track toward Zambezia Province and make landfall over the next couple of hours as a tropical storm.

More torrential rain which could lead to more flooding and landslides is feared as another circulation in the Mozambique Channel is expected to develop over the coming days.

This time around, it is expected to head south, off the coast of Madagascar, and is likely to pull a trail of heavy downpours across the northwest of the island.

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