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President Ramaphosa urges zero tolerance against racism in schools

Article from AFRIC Editorial
‘’We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools’’ Martin Luther King Jr. The continuous subjugation of a particular people, acts of prejudices and the belief that one class or race is superior than another has accounted for the division we have today.

Though not a new thing, Racism continues to tear the world apart. South Africa, a country in Southern Africa defines a clear example of a racist nation. What was prevalent during the apartheid era against black South Africans still have a place in the contemporary South Africa.

One thing the post-apartheid governments in South African have been striving to overcome is Racism.  The administration of current president Cyril Ramaphosa has reiterated and made a clarion call on all school administrators in the country to shun practices that can psychologically affect a pupil or a student. President Ramaphosa urged what he termed ‘’zero tolerance of racism, sexism bullying, violence and other forms of anti-social behaviour at schools.

Underlining the importance of education, President Ramaphosa said: “Allow our children to be denied access to education because we as adults have certain grievances that we want to rise to one another, denying our children their right to education, in the end, places the future of our kids’ jeopardy.” The head of state was speaking Monday, January 21, at the 2019 Basic Education Sector Stakeholders ‘Lekgotla’ in Johannesburg.


South Africa in recent times have witnessed numerous attacks based on race. Notwithstanding, President Cyril Ramaphosa has tasked his subordinates to ensure complete eradication of racism in the country. Given that schools are the most common areas where racial discrimination is widespread, Ramaphosa has urged government officials to stand form and hit hard on school administrators who deny children access to the school on ‘’linguistic backgrounds’’.

It should be noted that a school whose name wasn’t disclosed is already under investigation for alleged practice of racism.  A picture of white pupils separated from black pupils of the same school sparked outrage in south on January 10 2019, casting doubts on claims that racial segregation has ended.

It is believed that basic education defines a child’s ending in life, so children must be given a proper base by their instructors in school.  But this remains farfetched if we still talk of racism in school in the 21st century.  Being subjugated or prejudiced due to background, a child at a tender age may develop phobia for education and most of them get traumatized. Thus, the need to end needless prejudices.

Concisely, to end Racism which can be defined in other terms as discrimination based on race, the world one needs to uphold social principles that bind people together irrespective of their race or cultural back groups. When the ‘’philosophy of oneness and togetherness’’ will prevail, when humans see themselves as equals, then we can start living.

Article from AFRIC Editorial

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