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Kenyan Youths to get jobs after internship

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Fresh graduates in Kenya will soon need only an internship experience at a government agency to qualify for government jobs. This was revealed by the National Youth Council (NYC).

NYC Chair Fatuma Abubakar said discussions are underway with the Kenya National Employment Authority (NEA) to permit Kenyan youths to get government jobs after undertaking an internship.

“The issue of young people being told that they need three years’ experience before being promoted will be a thing of the past,” Ms Abubakar said, adding that internship will be considered part of one’s professional experience and is all that will be required for one to qualify for certain positions.

Reacting to the terrorist attack in Nairobi last week, she said the radicalization of young people is due to lack of employment and income-generating opportunities.

Underscoring the importance of technical and vocational training, Ms. Abubakar said “Through county forums, we will sensitise young people, tell them about job placements, and about technical and vocational educational training programmes.”

The National Youth Council chair disclosed this at the ‘hand-over ‘ceremony to the council’s new chief executive officer, Mr Roy Sasaka, at the council’s offices in Nairobi.

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