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Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa experiences fuel shortage

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Several reports have indicated that the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa is experiencing an acute fuel shortage.

The rupture which is also affecting neighboring towns has been largely blamed on the closure by of the main road linking Ethiopia and Djibouti due to ongoing protests in the Afar region.

Fuel stations with supplies are being overcrowded with cars as well as motorists who sometimes have to wait for several hours to have a refill.

Sources are reporting that continuing fuel shortages as well as transportation disruptions are to be expected in Addis Ababa and other nearby locations over the coming days until the protests is properly contained.

Ethiopia, a regional economic giant is currently suffering the impacts of the road blocks as a result of the fact that it imports most of its supplies through the Djiboutian ports.

Early this week, protesters began a five-day blockade of the main highway connecting Ethiopia to Djibouti to denounce rising ethnic violence.

However, the government is yet to make any official comments on the fuel shortage or the blockade of the road.

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