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Gabon’s ailing President expected home from Morocco

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Incumbent President Ali Bongo is expected to return home Tuesday after a medical absence of over two months.

The Central African Nation has been without an effective government for months since President Ali Bongo, suffered an illness in October last year. He was evacuated to a Saudi hospital for proper medical attention and later transferred to Morocco for proper recovery or recuperation.

Bongo’s absent sparked speculation about his ability to lead the country. Rumours of his abrupt demise spread all over the nation and beyond. However, this was refuted when the ailing leader addressed the nation from Morocco on New Year’s Eve.

Critics seized on signs of his apparent ill-health, noting the address was unusually short, his speech was slurred and his right hand seemed stiff and immobile.

Gabon last week contained a coup attempt staged by young military officials in a move to overthrow President Ali Bongo. Controversies still surround the leadership of Gabon after the 2016 polls. Opposition has refused to recognize the legitimacy of Bongo’s leadership In the meantime, President Bongo has appointed Julien Nkoghe Bekale as prime minister.  The new PM has the challenge of forming a new government.

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