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Protests won’t lead to regime change-al-Bashir

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The president of the Republic of Sudan Omar al-Bashir has made a strong call that the ongoing protests that have rocked the nation since the last month of 2018 will not cause a regime change. Speaking on Monday, President AL-Bashir emphasized that changes in leadership do not come through protests.

While addressing his supporters in Nyala, the main city in South Darfur, President Bashir said “The government does not change through demonstrations.”  His statement follows a day of anti-government demonstrations in the city, the first of its kind.

“We said we have an economic problem and it is not solved via vandalism,” he said.

Sudan has witnessed protests since December 19 in what is considered the biggest challenge yet to al-Bashir’s 30-year-rule.

The Thousands demonstrators on the streets of Sudan are protesting against rising food prices and cash shortages in the country.

The protests have often escalated into clashes, which have killed at least 24 people so far.

According to Rights groups, over 1,000 people have been arrested since the protests erupted, including demonstrators, opposition politicians and journalists.

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