Association for Free Research and International Cooperation

AFRIC observers mission statement

AFRIC has dispatched 40 international observers in more than 100 polling stations in all the ten regions of Zimbabwe during the elections of 2018. During our mission, we were observing both the polling procedures as well as the counting procedures, checking diligently whether the y correspond with the electoral act. While we've identified several points of improvement in the administrative aspects of the electoral procedures,we've noticed no signs of electoral fraud, voter intimidation or external interference in the process. 

In addition to evaluating the legitimacy of the electoral process, we had one more role: to interact with the voters, the election official agents and understand their point of view regarding the elections. Wherever we went, we were pleasantly surprised by the friendliness of everyone we met and the fact that we were kindly welcomed, both as individuals and as observers, being appreciated both as fellow humans and as an important part of the procedure.

AFRIC international observers would like to ask all citizens of Zimbabwe, including leaders of all political affiliations and beliefs, military personnel and law enforcement officials, to act in a manner that corresponds with the kindness we’ve observed from the people of Zimbabwe throughout our mission, which made us love this country and wish to visit again. Violence in all forms and from all sides can only be condemned, and human rights violations are a shameful overshadowing of the peaceful and legitimate process we’ve observed so far. Our mission hasn’t finished and we will be there to compare any official results with the data we’ve gathered during our mission and report on whether the two match. Until then, we call upon everyone to follow the legal procedures and express their opinion in a respectful manner.

Disclaimer: Association for Free Research and International Cooperation (AFRIC) is a community of independent researchers, experts and activists. Our observation mission in the 2018 harmonized presidential elections of Zimbabwe is not affiliated to any political party and our international observers are strictly independent and only mandated to ensure the election took place according to the electoral act.

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