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3 lost their lives in a train collision in Pretoria, South Africa.

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A recent update from an emergency services official has indicated that about to three persons died and several others injured after two commuter trains collided in Pretoria.

The incident occurred early Tuesday morning after a packed train travelling from Johannesburg to Pretoria dashed into a stationary train at Mountain View station.

It was reported that a total of 641 people were injured following the incident, 11 sustaining critical injuries and 62 suffering “moderate” injuries.

According to Solly Msimanga, the mayor of Pretoria, the accident was caused by vandalism and cable theft on the line. He went further to urge law enforcement authorities to strengthen their fight against cable theft and vandalism to state infrastructure.

However, he indicated that investigation into the immediate cause of the collision was ongoing.

This recent collision is the latest in a series of train accidents in South Africa, which has the continent’s largest railway network.

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