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Opposition asks President Bongo to address nation after failed coup

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Opposition in Gabon thinks it would be wise if President Ali Bongo Ondimba addresses the nation following the latest development in his country.

A Member of Gabon’s main opposition party Paul-Marie Gondjout has called on President Ali Bongo Ondimba to address the nation after Monday’s attempted coup d’état.

 “A coup like this today, the best thing would be for the president to come on TV and to reassure people that he is running the country and to urge people to be calm. That should be the normal situation,” Gondjout said.

“Everybody is nervous and we don’t know exactly what the real situation [is]. [The] head of state is not here for two months and a half. That’s not a good situation for us.”

The world’s attention turned to Gabon on Monday after soldiers seized control of the national radio, calling on ailing President Ali Bongo to step down as president of the Central African Nation. What was widely seen as an attempted coup was orchestrated by junior officers who sought to topple the government in the absence of President Ali Bongo.

Nonetheless, Bongo’s loyalists were able to contain the situation. The Five soldiers have been arrested after taking over a national radio and calling for their fellow soldiers to rise against the government.

While investigations remain ongoing to get to the root of the matter, a spokesperson of the main opposition coalition, Claye Martial Obame Akué, has denied any links between the soldiers and the opposition outfit.

President Ali Bongo Ondimba is presently in the North African Nation of Morocco where he is seeking medical attention.

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