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Fashion trends, What Are the Health Implications

Fashion is one aspects of human existence that is characterised by change. Before now, fashion was used to identify with a people’s culture and traditions. In the African context, a red cap decorated with a feather or a spike from a porcupine symbolizes royalty, and is greeted with much respect. Chiefs, kings and servants had different fashion trends that clearly differentiated their social status.
Fashion has greatly evolved during the last two decades. With the increase in the number of trend setters and their audience base, especially with the help of the internet and social media, new fashion trends pop up every now and then, and some people follow these trends without thinking of the effects.

Today, many people want to look “hot”, “classy” “fly”, or “slay” in what they wear. Very high shoes, tight clothes and excessive make up are some of the trends that give such looks. Unfortunately, these things may have adverse effect on the health of people who wear them.

Fashion trends that pose health issues

High shoes

Many women believe that high shoes are a plus to their looks. They feel powerful and classy when they wear 5inch high shoes. Unfortunately, these shoes pose serious health problems that many overlook.

Some of these health complications caused by wearing high shoes include; muscle spasms and pain, especially in the calf muscle. High shoes also cause back ache as they enhance the normal human posture by tilting the body forward.

While it is not advisable to wear very low shoes such as flip flops all the time because they do not offer any arc support, it is better to wear shoes with low heels that do not exert pressure on the spine.

Tight-fitting clothing

Most people especially the youths, boys and girls alike swear by tight fitting dresses, ranging from jeans, skirts and even gowns. These dresses are so tight that those who wear them find it difficult to walk or breathe freely.

Many women also wear body trainers such as corsets and spanx and shape wears so as to fit in their skinny clothing.

These tight things constrict the body and prevent free blood circulation which can lead to pain and numbness. Many women get infections such as yeast cells due to tight under wears. Those who wear body trainers have to put off urinating until they get home because of the stressful process of removing and wearing them. This is quite dangerous because holding urine for long periods can cause bladder infections.


To look flawless, women and some men wear tons of makeup to cover the imperfections on their faces. These products are fill with chemicals that can affect them on a long run. Some of these chemicals cause allergies, skin infections and eye infections.

The eyes are a very sensitive part of the body that can be damaged when foreign bodies get into them. Eye makeup involves wearing fake eyelashes, eyeshadow and mascara. The chemicals found in these products can cause serious eye infections that can lead to blindness.


Tattoos and piercings

This is one fashion trend that has stood the test of time. Some years back, tattoos where reserved for special people and were signs that bore important messages and accomplishment.

Today, tattoos still have meanings but they are way different from the tattoos in the olden days. Tattoos have also become very common as many people have learnt the art and have opened tattoo parlous on every major streets.

Tattoos can lead to health problems such as skin infections for those who are allergic to tattoo ink. People can also contract dangerous infections such as HIV, Hepatitis and others in the case where needles are not sterilized properly.

Fashion trends may define people and also sway public opinions about them. Despite the good looks, people should choose what they wear carefully so that they do not end up in a hospital. In most cases, comfort is more important than fashion.

AFRIC Editorial Article.

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