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Kagame says Rwanda’s army can deal with ‘enemies’

Rwanda’s defence forces are well equipped and capable of dealing with the country’s enemies, president Paul Kagame declared on Tuesday.

Kagame, who joined the soldiers at the Gabiro Combat Training Center, tipped the army on optimal utilisation of resources.

‘‘Every bullet you shoot counts. Every resource you use must accomplish its purposes. We do not have room to waste,’‘ the president said.

The president also explained that the country’s meagre resource envelope means that government priorities education, health and other development needs over ‘salary increment’ for the soldiers.

‘‘When we look at salaries or other resources, we know that even though you deserve to be given more, we do not have enough means.’‘

In June, Rwanda’s finance minister, Uzziel Ndagijimana presented a Rwf2.44 trillion ($2.8bn) budget, saying the economy is expected to grow by 7.2% in 2018.

Kagame, who witnessed demonstrations on how different military capabilities are integrated and synchronised during a military operations, commended the soldiers’ bravery and hard work.

‘‘What you have showed us here today is proof that you are capable of dealing with those who wish ill to our nation. There is no room for them to succeed with the courage, determination and the skills we have within us.’‘

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