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Theresa May postpones vote on her Brexit deal

U.K. Premier Theresa May has overturned Tuesday’s important vote on her Brexit deal to quit the European Union, saying it ‘’would be rejected by a significant margin”. Embattled May recounted that Members of Parliament supported much of the deal she has struck with the EU,but there was concern over the Northern irish backstop.

She however reiterated that the Brexit deal must push through immediately she tackles the plight of MPs.

Theresa May said she would be “deferring” the Commons vote until she had made efforts to address concerns over the Northern Ireland border “backstop” plan.

Speaking to legislators, May said she would meet EU leaders ahead of a summit planned for  this week, about the “clear concerns” expressed by MPs.

May also said she will be “looking closely at new ways of empowering the House of Commons to ensure that any provision for a backstop has democratic legitimacy”.

May’s Brexit deal has attracted mixed feelings from policy makers in UK

The most recent came from a committee of lawmakers responsible for examining the deal.

The cross-party Committee on leaving the EU rubbished it as “a huge step into the unknown”, a huge blow to May’s efforts to win parliamentary approval for the bill.

The committee in a report made public on Sunday, said Brexit does not give Britons or their businesses the precision and the assurance they need about the future trading relationship with the EU in five or ten years to come.

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