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Uterus transplant: a solution for barren women

Does life ends at death? A question many people occupy their minds with. The growing advancement in science and technology is proving to a breakthrough to hundreds of women facing complications in conception or child birth. Today, the medical world is boosting of another achievement. The world officially welcomes its first baby born through a uterus transplant from a demise donor.

Everyday doctors or health practitioners carry out a series of studies and experiments to find lasting and positive medical solutions to the many problems faced by patients across the globe.  Thanks to such studies, a Brazilian woman was able to experience childbirth and of course motherhood.

Recent medical reports have revealed that a 32-year-old woman in Brazil was successfully delivered of a healthy baby girl, after a uterus transplant from a dead donor. The breakthrough was released to the public on Wednesday 04, 2018 in a published research paper by ‘’The Lancet medical journal’’.

The mother, whose identify remains undisclosed, encountered medical defects which resulted to her not having a uterus. (The uterus or Womb refers to the lower part of a woman’s body where implantation occurs). She suffered a condition known as Mayer-Rokitansky-Küster-Hauser syndrome or MRKH (MRKH is a condition that affects the female reproductive organs of an individual, retarding growth of the vagina and the uterus).

However, in 2016, the story changed for the Brazilian woman when doctors at Brazil’s Sao Paulo University hospital led by DR. Dani Ejzenberg performed a successful uterus transplant from a 45 year old dead donor.   As per the medical reports, it took doctors ten (10) hours of operation, to finally implant the uterus. Fertilization occurred some seven months after the implants in a process known as in-vitro fertilization.

A child was born

On the date of December 15, 2017, a baby girl was born through a cesarean section of C-section, some thirty-six months into the pregnancy.  The uterus was immediately removed after childbirth to stop the mother from further medications. However, this became a reality due to the proper medical attention given to the 32 year old woman. She was administered five different drugs, together with antimicrobials, anti-blood clotting treatments and aspirin, to stop her body from rejecting the new organ introduced into her system.

Great achievement for medical practitioners

Medical practitioners have hailed this new development, calling it a ‘’milestone’ in the medical fieldIt is worth noting that this particular case is making headline news across the globe because ten similar cases of Uterus transplant from dead donors,  conducted in the United States, the Czech Republic and Turkey fell short of producing live births. Thus, the feasibility or practicality of this experiment pushes doctors into conducting more researches and studies on how they can overcome infertility in women.  In the meantime, statistics have noted that infertility affects approximately 10 to 15 percent of couples of reproductive age internationally, with uterine issues being the most common cause.

Great relieve for women with fertility problems

Women across the globe have welcomed this news with great relieve and enthusiasm. A new and practical solution has just been arrived at, thus uterine or uterus transplant stands as a new remedy to infertility among women in Africa and the world at large.

AFRIC Editorial Article.

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