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Zim’s election process peaceful: AFRIC

The Association for Free Research and International Cooperation (AFRIC), an international observer mission of experts and activists has dismissed attempts to delegitimise the July 30 harmonised election process saying the prevailing peaceful environment in Zimbabwe is clear testimony that the country is set for historic credible polls.

The road to 2018 harmonised elections attracted attention from the local and international community but the bold decision by President Emmerson Mnangagwa to invite observers from across the world has sent a clear message that Zimbabwe is a full democracy capable of holding free, fair and credible elections said AFRIC head of delegation Professor Jose Matemulane.

“We brought in and deployed a team of 40 observers from countries like Mozambique, South Africa, Germany, Russia, India, Serbia, and Ukraine who all concurred that the campaign period to date reflects that all parties have been free to conduct their political rallies, we strongly believe that Zimbabwe has set a precedent of peaceful environment for the holding of credible polls, save for some political parties who are attempting to delegitimise the process, such destructive elements should be condemned,” said Professor Matemulane.

His sentiments were supported by members of the AFRIC from India, Serbia and Germany who described the election process as historic by world democratic standards.

“This is historic, the way the process has gone so far demonstrates that Zimbabwe is poised for one of the most transparent polls which can set a good precedent for investors and all democratic institutions to appreciate and work with Zimbabwe in its quest to bring sustainable development,” concurred other members of AFRIC.

AFRIC is among the many international election observation missions that include SADC, AU, COMESA, EU and Commonwealth invited to witness Zimbabwe’s historic 30 July elections.

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