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Cameroonians in the Southwest Region React to CAF’s Decision

AFRIC Editorial Article.
CAF’s (Confederation of African Football) decision to strip Cameroon of the rights to host the 2019 AFCON, schedule to begin in June 2019 has been a source of contempt, anger and discontent among many Cameroon.
Cameroonians have been gearing up for the prestigious event of hosting the Africa Cup of Nations. Unfortunately for the entire country, the Confederation of African Football after an extraordinary meeting of the executives, decided to strip Cameroon of the rights to host the 2019 AFCON.
This decision was received in different ways by Cameroonians around the national territory.

How Cameroonians in the Anglophone region feel about CAF’s decision

Most people in the Anglophone region of Cameroon, expressed immense joy at the news of the cancellation of AFCON in Cameroon. This is because the people believe that the Cameroon government has more important things to take care of other than hosting the Africa Cup of Nations.

Finding a solution to the Anglophone Problem

Many people in Buea are of the opinion that the Cameroon government should be more preoccupied with finding a long lasting solution to the Anglophone crisis which has been going on for over 2 years now. When this is done, the government will have the full support of all Cameroonians when she gets a second chance to host the games.

Cameroon is not ready in terms of infrastructure

Hosting the AFCON is a big deal and Cameroon should be able and ready to accommodate the all the teams, supporters and tourists waiting to be part of the football event. Unfortunately, many people believe that the country is not ready for the event, as the stadia, hotels, and even roads are not good enough for such a prestigious event. Many people are happy with CAF’s decision because it will save them from a whole lot of humiliation.

The security factor

Insecurity, which has been the main problem in the English speaking regions of Cameroon is one of the main reasons why Cameroonians in the southwest region are happy with CAF’s decision to strip Cameroon of the rights to host the AFCON.


People are worried that the situation will worsen if matches are to take place in Limbe. This is because of the rumours that the secessionist forces will not allow any matches in their territory. As a result, many civilians fear being caught up in the fights between the military and these secessionists, as has been the case in the past years, which has led to the death of many English speaking Cameroonians.

Despite the fact that most English speaking Cameroonians are delighted with CAF’s decision others are disappointed.

The die heart football supporters are very disappointed as they hoped to witness the AFCON live without having to spend huge amount of money or travel out of the country.

Others say they have invested huge amounts of money in preparation for the football tournament and this decision is a serious blow to their businesses as they do not know how to pay back the loans they have taken from banks and their “njangi” houses.

Notwithstanding, general opinion stands in support of CAF’s decision because it will save the English speaking Cameroonians of the many troubles that would have come along with the AFCON.

AFRIC Editorial Article.

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