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DR Congo records another deadly clash in South Kivu

Barely few weeks to the much delayed presidential elections in the DRC, another deadly clash has been reported in the country’s South Kivu province, a mineral-rich province prone to ethnic tensions.

According to military sources, the fighting which took place between the Congolese army and rebels loyal to a renegade former general in the country’s eastern region led to 18 deaths; 14 rebels and four soldiers in Fizi.

The former army general, William Amuri Yakutumba is said to control one of the armed groups allied to rebels of the National Liberation Front based in neighbouring Burundi.

The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has faced constant political crisis for years and reports say at least seventy armed groups are believed to be currently operating in the eastern region of the country. This violence was intensified when Joseph Kabila postponed the scheduled 2016 election to stay in power after his term ended.

The fighting has caused millions of civilians to flee the violence hit nation. According to a United Nations estimate, at least 2.7 million are internally displaced in the DRC, and approximately 450,000 have taken refuge in other nations.

Despite the presence of thousands of UN peacekeepers, several armed groups continue to terrorize communities and control weakly governed areas of the country.

It can also be noted that weak governance and the upsurge of many armed groups have subjected civilians to rape and sexual violence, massive human rights violations, and extreme poverty.

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