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C.A.R: Children at high risk of starvation: UNICEF

Like other nations in the world, Children in the Central African Republic are at verge of losing their lives due to starvation. A recent release by the United Nations children's agency UNICEF has cautioned that two-thirds of all children in Central African Republic, about 1.5 million kids, need emergency aid.

In a new report issued on Friday, UNICEF cited that the number of children in need of emergency assistance in the war torn nation has increased by 300,000 to some 1.5 million nationwide, compared with 2016.

The UN agency’s top representative in the country Christine Muhigana, addressing journalists in Geneva said that the prevailing situation in CAR is “probably even worse» as compared to 2013, when the same nation was experiencing turmoil.  The UN’s representative said their immediate priority was to keep the children safe and alive.

As per the UNICEF, one in four children are either internally displaced or have sought safety elsewhere as refugees due to the flare-up in CAR.

Meanwhile, the aid agency has reported that attacks on aid workers in the CAR have doubled this year, making it very difficult for them to reach out to the children in need.

The UNICEF says a number of 294 attacks on  aid workers were registered  in the first eight-and-a-half months of 2018, compared to just 67 such attacks in 2017,.

The UNICEF has described the emergency in CAR as “one of the most neglected” in the world at large.

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