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Access to the European visa by Africans

Africans consider Europe as the El Dorado. However, it is more difficult for an African to go to Europe than for a European to go to Africa.

The situation of discomfort in which Africans live desperately pushes them towards the doors of the West; the quest for happiness is a legitimate and personal aspiration and one cannot prevent anyone from being happy. The bad governance in Africa is one of the reasons of the very strong immigration, which poses a real problem of the obtaining of the European visa by the Africans.

Although Africa, because of its culture, is full of cultural potential that gives some Africans the opportunity to easily obtain the visa for Europe, which allows and would allow the African to show his talent, which, among others, music, cinema, sport, dance …, it is still important to say that the majority of Africans have a veritable difficulty of access to the visa. The European visa is surrounded by a number of conditions that are still not accessible to everyone and obtaining the visa differs from one country to another according to the realities of these countries.

In the context of international relations, it is clear that there is an international injustice in the distribution and obtaining of visas by Africans. When foreigners want to travel to Africa, the conditions are not as rigorous as for African people who want to travel to Europe, for whatever reasons (studies, work, business, tourism, training, forum …). The latter are confronted with several difficulties, which start from the financial means, go through the procedure which sometimes takes several months, even years, to finally arrive at the appointment of the interview which, over time has become a real battle; Such is the ordeal that must be experienced by the Africans of Central Africa, who hope to travel one day to Germany.

The world today is a global village where we are at the crossroads of giving and receiving, which should constitute a real platform for exchanges and free discussions. Access to the European visa is still not obvious for Africans in that in Africa, there is already no harmonious relationship between the states themselves; we can bitterly regret the absence of texts that protect Africans and favor the obtaining of visas when they meet the conditions, such is the case for some African scholars who get scholarships, but do not have the possibility of access to visa and very often, the said visa is refused and sometimes without justified reasons. We also note the

Difficult access to secure information, visa requirements and the complexity of visa requirements, creating mafia networks and scams in the African states and especially more on social networks. Where the increase in cyber-crime. Obtaining a European visa is difficult for Africans, the latter in the hope of a better tomorrow, prefer to go on an adventure, either by sea, by desert or by road with all the risks that this entails (drowning, traffic drugs, the risk of epidemics, ritual crimes, and very recently slavery in Libya …), hence the phenomenon of illegal immigration in Africa is a bitter reality and very shocking.

Although access to the European visa is difficult, this remains a glimmer of hope for Africans. This opportunity will allow them to see the light by discovering the know-how in Europe and especially to be at the forefront of new technologies, this can bring to Africa a certain development, it is called the transfer technologies.

Given the problem of obtaining a European visa in Africa, African states should, through bodies such as the African Union, create platforms for exchanges to discuss development and to facilitate the obtaining of a European visa. by Africans as long as they fulfill the conditions. However, it would be essential to say that leaders, those who are in charge of guiding and leading the people should have a vision that is to contribute to the development of people while accompanying them in the process of obtaining the visa and limiting as much as possible illegal immigration, it is for this that the very famous guide Libyan, MOUAMMAR KADHAFI regretted memory said “… African Heads of State, if you do not want more than Africans go through my territory to go to Europe, arrange your states …”

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