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UGANDA: Boat accident kills 30, scores still missing in Lake Victoria

It was a sad day for thousands of Ugandans as another tragic accident in Lake Victoria claimed the lives of many; while others went missing. A boat carrying party goers overturned in Lake Victoria on Saturday evening recording at least a dozen deaths. However, Uganda’s army spokesman Brigadier Richard Karemire on Sunday revealed that the death toll now stands at 30.

The boat is thought to have been carrying more than 90 people. In the meantime, Police have intensified search for the missing bodies with the help of professional divers and police chopper. Uganda’s military also said it was helping the Police with the rescue operation.

The cause of the accident remains unknown as authorities are yet to comment on why the Vessel sank. The boat was destined for Lake Victoria’s Mutima Island, about 60km east of Kampala. Reacting to the latest accident, President Yoweri Museveni said the unfortunate boat was unregistered, unlicensed and possibly uninsured. The private boat owned by a certain Templa Bissase and wife.

Reports say Boat accidents are increasingly common on East Africa’s major lakes including Lake Victoria, which is surrounded by Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda.

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